There are two main reasons:

  1. Updates - Often updates are great; however, sometimes updates cause entire systems to crash. Having a backup enables you to update without the fear of being unable to revert back in the event of a problem
  2. Hackers - This is a serious problem, if your website gets any traffic at all, rest assured there is enough incentive out there for it to be hacked. Hackers often get into websites just to put very subtle references to their own websites or affiliated websites to generate more value on those websites - often you wouldn't even notice many of the hacks applied, however these hacks are detrimental to your own search ranking.

    Hackers also get into websites to steal email lists, valuable information, or, believe it or not, for no other reason than just to corrupt information.
    It's not fair, nor is it right, but one thing is for certain, it happens.


The majority of hackers come from either India or Russia - those are the most common IP addresses to see - the laws in those countries are very different from North American laws in regards to White Hat, Black Hat and Grey Hat Hacking.
White Hat : Hackers that hack to discover vulnerabilities and close them to other hackers.
Grey Hat: Hackers that are for hire and will hack for profit, malice or any other reason, as well, will take on proactive hacker prevention requests.
Black Hat: Hackers that work exclusively to do damage, cause distress or steal information.

Generally there are two major parts to backing up a website, there are the web files themselves - your pictures, your files, the things that make your website run. The other portion of the website is your data, the information, the writing kahuna casino review, all the text based data; that is called the database.

Combine your website files, and your database, and you have everything you need to completely backup your website.


We backup your website via SFTP to SFTP across multiple secure servers.


That is entirelly up to you. This question should be dertermined by how frequently you update your website, the more frequently, the more necessary your backups.

Backing up your website can be done weekly, monthly, semi-annually and annually.

  Weekly Monthly Quarterly Semi-Annually Annually
Annual Backups 52 12 4 2 1
Unit Cost $10 $15 $20 $30 $50
Annual Cost $520 $180 $80 $60 $50
Recovery Cost Free Free $75 $75 $75

*rates subject to change
**some websites have considerably more data than others, we reserve the right to audit your websites content before setting up a backup routine


Your website has been hacked - Now what?

1. Your website will be restored to it's most recent date of backup.

2. Your admin passwords, FTP account passwords will be updated and sent to you via email.

3. Your software will be updated to the most recent version.

How much will this cost?

Cost for recovery - if you are on a backup plan is a flat rate of $75.
Cost for recovery - if you are not on a backup plan will be billed hourly. The average time to recover a website is approximately 3-6 hours @ $75/hr.

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