Digital Marketing

Grow Your  Business

How do you find a great rate for a hotel room, a local restaurant or reliable contractor? Google it.

You know it’s true, Google is the first place we look when we need a product or service. If what you are looking for isn’t in the top 3-4 results you will try a new search term. So why not apply that same logic back to your business. Get noticed on the first page of Google search results by running Google ads. Increase traffic and ultimately sales by putting your business front and centre when those target keywords are entered in a search.

Google is the largest (and arguably best) search engine on the net, there are literally billions of searches performed monthly on the Google search engine alone. Sound Software is a Google Adwords Certified Company and we specialize in optimizing campaigns to your business, budget and goals – we know how Google works, and we can confidently claim that we will manage your campaign effectively to produce more results with less spend. 

Conversions are turning searchers into sales – we maintain conversion rates more than double the Google Average of just below 1%.

Pay Per Click

When your clients are seeking for you, put your message in front of them. Based on the keywords your clients are using to search, you appear first in Google Search Ads.

Display Ads

Remain at the forefront of clients’ minds who are considering buying from you. Your message can be seen wherever your clients are thanks to a network of over 3 million websites.

Facebook Ads

Your Facebook page already has a group of people who know, like, and trust your brand. Post on your customers’ timeline with graphics that will drive interest & conversions.