Branding  Questionnaire

Please fill out the questions below to the best of your ability. Some might not pertain to your business / brand so leave these blank. This information will help us formulate a design that will best communicate your vision to the target demographic. 

Outline of the Logo Creation

  • 1) Outline
    • Go through Questions to gain incite of the personality of the business
    • To find out the client’s business identity and communication to the end user
  • 2) Logo Creation -A
    • Experimentation & Ideation
    • Market research and concepts
    • Black & White study, multiple layouts and potential colour preview
    • Presentation of various Logos
    • Timeline 1-3 weeks
  • 3) Logo Creation -B (If needed)
    • Changes, edits or further studies
    • Font study and further colour study
    • Presentation of various Logos
    • Timeline 1 week
  • 4) Finalization
    • Refinement
    • Presentation of Final Logo in all Colour Variations
    • Create package of usable files (B&W, colour, print web, transparent, editable, etc)

    Business Information

    Company/Organization Details


    Design Preferences

    Target Audience


    Our mission is to provide your company with everything
    • Web Design – Hosting, Administration, Maintenance
    • Computer Systems Consulting – Implementation, Maintenance
    • Graphic Design – Branding, Advertising, Promotion
    • Service – Emergency Support, Maintenance
    • Technology Consulting