Adrian registered Sound Software in 2003.

While working his way through a Bachelors in Business Administration at Nipissing University, Adrian continued to do Software and Web Design on the side.

Upon graduation, Adrian entered the workforce but continued Sound Software on the side until the light went on and he soon realized his passion was his own business. In the spring of 2008, after returning from a tour of duty as IT Manager at

At that time, Adrian decided to take on Sound Software as his full time occupation.

"Sound Software had always been a backburner thing for me until I realized it's potential, the day I shifted my mentality from get things going to get things done was the day I started to see success"

You can reach his facebook profile here:

Adrian is AdWords Qualified Google Partner

Adrian's vision for Sound Software is to create a seamless one stop agency for all your design, development, marketing and advertising needs.

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